1928: Germany – Switzerland 4-0 (2-0)

Above: H. Weber, Hornauer, Kalb, Stuhlfauth, L. Hofmann, Leinberger, Knöpfle, Pöttinger; below: Ern. Albrecht, Beier and R. Hofmann.

Match 65.

Olympic Games.





Referee: Eymers (Holland).

Spectators: 35.000

Germany: Stuhlfauth, Beier, H. Weber, Knöpfle, Kalb, Leinberger, Ern. Albrecht, Hornauer, Pöttinger, R. Hofmann, L. Hofmann.

Switzerland: Séchehaye, M. Weiler, Ramseyer, de Lavallaz, Pichler, Fässler, Tschirren, Jäggi IV, Dietrich, A. Abegglen, Bailly.

Goals: 1:0 R. Hofmann (17.), 2:0 Hornauer (42.), 3:0 R. Hofmann (75.), 4:0 R. Hofmann (85.).



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6 Responses to 1928: Germany – Switzerland 4-0 (2-0)

  1. andrey says:

    Mannschaftsfoto Spiele gegen die Schweiz und gegen Uruguay auslagern muss

  2. impromptuinc says:

    You mean this photo is against Uruguay and Uruguay’s is against Switzerland? Thanks! But, are you sure?

  3. andrey says:

    But captions under both images have to change names of places Beier and Weber, as well as R.Hofmann and Hornauer.

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