1928: Germany – Uruguay 1-4 (0-2)

Above: Leinberger, L. Hofmann, R. Hofmann, Hornauer, Kalb, Beier, Ern. Albrecht, Stuhlfauth; below: H. Weber, Knöpfle, Pöttinger.

Match 66.

Olympic Games.





Referee: Mohamed (Egypt).

Spectators: 45.000

Germany: Stuhlfauth, Beier, H. Weber, Knöpfle, Kalb, Leinberger, Ern. Albrecht, Hornauer, Pöttinger, R. Hofmann, L. Hofmann.

Uruguay: Mazali, Nasazzi, Arispe, Píriz, Fernández, Gestido, Urdinarán, Castro, Petrone, Cea, Campolo.

Goals: 0:1 Petrone (36.), 0:2 Castro (38.), 0:3 Castro (64.), 1:3 R. Hofmann (81.), 1:4 Petrone (84.).

Sent-off: Kalb (37.), R. Hofmann (87.); Nasazzi (87.).

** First game against Uruguay. **

** First game against a non-European nation. **



Nasazzi (far left), Kalb (far right) and the referee Mohamed.

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  1. Schnipp08 says:

    And here is some rare footage of this match:

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