1931: Germany – Austria 0-6 (0-3)

The biggest defeat ever playing in Germany.

Match 83.



Referee: Ohlssen (Sweden).

Spectators: 40.000

Germany: Gehlhaar, Beier, H. Weber, Knöpfle, Münzenberg, E. Müller, Bergmaier, Sobeck, Hohmann, R. Hofmann, F. Müller.

Austria: Hiden, Schramseis, Blum, Braun, Smistik, Gall, Zischek, Gschweidl, Sindelar, Schall, A. Vogl.

Goals: 0:1 Schall (6.), 0:2 A. Vogl (27.), 0:3 Schall (32.), 0:4 Zischek (65.), 0:5 Schall (70.), 0:6 Gschweidl (88.).

** Worst defeat in home soil. **



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