1932: Germany – Sweden 4-3 (3-1)

Franz Krumm: his only goal for Germany was in this match against Sweden in Nürnberg.

Match 90.



Städtisches Stadion

Referee: Barlassina (Italy).

Spectators: 30.000

Germany: Jakob, Haringer, Stubb, Knöpfle, Leinberger, Oehm, Bergmaier, Krumm, Rohr, R. Hofmann, Kobierski.

Sweden: Jonasson, Andersson, Lager, Sjörgren, Carlund, Johnson, Nilsson, Persson, Lundahl, Kempe, Svensson.

Goals: 1:0 Rohr (10.), 2:0 Kobierski (17.), 2:1 Lundahl (20.), 3:1 Krumm (41.), 3:2 Kempe (46.),  4:2 Rohr (64.), 4:3 Stubb (66., owngoal).

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