1937: Germany – Denmark 8-0 (4-0)

The “Breslau-Elf”, from left to right: Szepan, Jakob, Gellesch, Lehner, Münzenberg, Goldbrunner, Janes, Siffling, Urban, Kupfer and Kitzinger.

Match 140.


Wrocław (as German territory).

Referee: Krist (Czechoslovakia).

Spectators: 40.000

Germany: Jakob, Janes, Münzenberg, Kupfer, Goldbrunner, Kitzinger, Lehner, Gellesch, Siffling, Szepan, Urban.

Denmark: S. Jensen, Hansen, O. Jörgensen, Larsen, Nielsen, Jensen, Sörbik, Kleven, P. Jörgensen, Uldalar, Thielsen.

Goals: 1:0 Lehner (7.), 2:0 Siffling (33.), 3:0 Siffling (40.), 4:0 Siffling (44.), 5:0 Siffling (48.), 6:0 Siffling (65.), 7:0 Urban (70.), 8:0 Szepan (78.).

** The Breslau Eleven (German: Breslau-Elf) was the name given to the Germany national football team who defeated Denmark 8–0 at Hermann-Göring-Sportfeld in Breslau. Coached by Sepp Herberger, the side went undefeated in all eleven matches they played in 1937, winning ten of them, and is generally regarded as one of the most famous teams in German football history (Wikipedia). **

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