1942: Croatia – Germany 0-2 (0-1)

Match 189.



Referee: Moler (Slovakia).

Spectators: 20.000

Croatia: Glaser, Brozovic, Dubac, Pukzec, Jazbinsek, Kokotovic, Cimermancic, Wölfl, Pavlicic, Antolkovic, Piese.

Germany: H. Jahn, Sesta, Schmaus, F. Wagner, Mock, Hanreiter, Riegler, Ka. Decker, Conen, F. Walter, Durek.

Goals: 0:1 Brozovic (44., owngoal), 0:2 Ka. Decker (70.).

** First match in Croatia. **

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2 Responses to 1942: Croatia – Germany 0-2 (0-1)

  1. Schnipp08 says:

    Probably the first color pictures of the German team are from this match!

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