1951: West Germany – Turkey 1-2 (0-1)

Match 201.




Referee: Carpani (Italy).

Spectators: 90.000

West Germany: Turek, Streitle, Kohlmeyer, Posipal, Liebrich, Haferkamp, Gerritzen, F. Walter, Ho. Schade, Röhrig (65.  Schanko), R. Herrmann.

Turkey: Turgay, Naci, Mizdat, Esref, Ali Ihsan, Hüsejm, Erol, Recep, Gündüz, Lefter, Muzaffer.

Goals: 0:1 Recep (5.), 1:1 Haferkamp (75.), 1:2 Muzaffer (85.).

** First match against Turkey. **

51 Turquia

A shot from the game in Berlin.

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