1961: Chile – West Germany 3-1 (2-1)

Seeler struggling against a Chilean defender.

Match 275.



Referee: Praddaude (Argentina).

Spectators: 60.000

Chile: Escuti, Eyzaguirre, S. Navarro, Contreras, R. Sanchez, Rojas, Betta (Moreno), Toro, Soto, L. Sanchez, Ramirez.

West Germany: Tilkowski, Lutz, Erhardt, Giesemann (65.  J. Werner), Wilden, Szymaniak,
R. Kreß, Brülls, Seeler, G. Herrmann, G. Dörfel.

Goals: 1:0 L. Sanchez (10.), 1:1 G. Herrmann (12.), 2:1 L. Sanchez (39.), 3:1 Rojas (78.).

** First match in South America. **

** First match in Chile. **

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