1962: West Germany – Yugoslavia 0-1 (0-0)

Above: Schulz, Haller, Seeler, Szymaniak, Giesemann, Schnellinger. Below: Erhardt, Fahrian, Schäfer, Brülls, Nowak.

Match 284.

World Cup Quarter-final.




Referee: Yamasaki (Peru).

Spectators: 64.000

West Germany: Fahrian, Nowak, Schnellinger , W. Schulz, Erhardt, Giesemann, Brülls, Haller, Seeler, Szymaniak, Ha. Schäfer.

Yugoslavia: Soskic, Durkovic, Jusufi, Radakovic, Markovic, Popovic, Kovacevic, Sekularac, Jerkovic, Galic, Skoblar.

Goal: 0:1 Radakovic (86.).

** Last match of Hans Schäfer in West Germany’s national team. **


1962 79047370 62 (2)


545963497 80749654

Sepp Herberger last of 18 matches as Germany’s coach in four World Cups.

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