1966: Holland – West Germany 2-4 (1-3)

Match 306.



Referee: Dagnall (England).

Spectators: 63.000

Holland: Graafland, Israel, Veldhoen, Pijs, Schrijvers, Muller, Swart, van der Kuylen, Nuninga, Fransen, Moulijn.

West Germany: G. Bernard, Höttges, W. Schulz, W. Weber, Lorenz, Beckenbauer, Overath
Brülls, Seeler, Held, L. Emmerich.

Goals: 0:1 Seeler (7.), 0:2 L. Emmerich (16.), 1:2 Swart (27.), 1:3 Beckenbauer (39.), 2:3 Nuninga (47.), 2:4 Beckenbauer (50.).


holland germany 1966 1

Franz Beckenbauer, two goals against Holland.



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