1977: Yugoslavia – West Germany 1-2 (0-1)

Flohe, D. Müller, Beer, Abramczik, Fischer, Bonhof, Tenhagen, Kaltz, Rüssmann, Maier, Vogts.

Match 416.



Referee: Babacan (Turkey).

Spectators: 16.000

Yugoslavia: Katalinic, Buljan (Nicolic), Peruzovic, Bogdan, Obradovic, Bogicevic, Muzinic, Oblak, Popivoda, Bajevic, Filipovic (Jerkovic).

West Germany: Maier (46.  Kargus), Tenhagen, Vogts, Rüssmann, Kaltz, Bonhof,
Abramczik, Beer, K. Fischer, D. Müller, Flohe (46.  Magath).

Goals: 0:1 D. Müller (12.), 1:1 Bajevic (60.), 1:2 Bonhof (73., penalty).

** First match after Sepp Herberger’s death (April 28, 1977). **


77 (3)77 (2)Pics (8)

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