1978: West Germany – Austria 2-3 (1-0)

Vogts, Maier, Rüssmann, Kaltz, Hölzenbein, Bonhof, Dietz, Rummenigge, Beer, Abramczik, D. Müller.

Match 434.

World Cup second round.




Referee: Klein (Israel).

Spectators: 46.000

West Germany: Maier, Vogts, Dietz, Bonhof, Kaltz, Rüssmann, Abramczik, Beer (46. Ha. Müller), D. Müller (61. K. Fischer), Hölzenbein, Kh. Rummenigge.

Austria: Koncilia, Sara, Obermayer, Pezzey, Strasser, Hickersberger, Prohaska, Krieger, Schachner (72. Oberacher), Krankl, Kreuz.

Goals: 1:0 Kh. Rummenigge (19.), 1:1 Vogts (60., owngoal), 1:2 Krankl (66.), 2:2 Hölzenbein (68.), 2:3 Krankl (88.).

Booked: Abramczik; Prohaska, Sara.

** Last match of Helmut Schön as West Germany’s coach. **

** Last match of Berti Vogts, Erich Beer, Dieter Müller and Bernd Hölzenbein in the national team. **

** The Miracle of Cordoba describes the game of football between defending World Champions (West) Germany and Austria that occurred on 21 June 1978 at the conclusion of the second round of the 1978 FIFA World Cup, in Córdoba, Argentina. The game is sometimes remembered by the losing Germans as “The Disgrace of Cordoba”, while it is fondly remembered by fans of the Austrian national team for being the first time in 47 years that Austria had defeated Germany (during partition, called West Germany) (Wikipedia). **

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soccer - 1978 World Cup

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78 (1)

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