1981: West Germany – Bulgaria 4-0 (1-0)

Rummenigge, Schumacher, Kaltz, Briegel, Hannes, Hrubesch, Fischer, Breitner, K. Förster, Dremmler, Magath.

Match 468.

World Cup qualifying.



Referee: Frederiksson (Sweden).

Spectators: 55.000

West Germany: Schumacher, Kaltz, Hannes, Kh. Förster, Briegel, Dremmler, Breitner, Magath (56. K. Allofs), Kh. Rummenigge, Hrubesch, K. Fischer.

Bulgaria: Welinow, Nikolow, Balewski, Dimitrow, Bonew, Iliew, Kostadinow, Markow (Lubomirow), Sdrawkow, Jontschew, Mladenow.

Goals: 1:0 K. Fischer (4.), 2:0 Kh. Rummenigge (49.), 3:0 Kaltz (62., penalty), 4:0 Kh. Rummenigge (83.).


81 (2)


81 (3)

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