1983: Albania – West Germany 1-2 (0-0)

Match 485.

European Championship qualifying.



Referee: Menegali (Italy).

Spectators: 30.000

Albania: Musta, Ruci, Targaj, Ahmeti, Bimo, Rragami, Vukatana, Ballgjini, Bajaziti (30. Lame), Minga, Kola.

West Germany: Schumacher, B. Förster, Strack, Kh. Förster, Otten, Engels, Ha. Müller, Briegel, Littbarski, Völler (85. N. Meier), Kh. Rummenigge.

Goals: 0:1 Völler (54.), 0:2 Kh. Rummenigge (66., penalty), 1:2 Targaj (80., penalty).

Booked: Targaj, Ruci; Engels.

** First goal of Rudi Völler in the national team (47 goals). **

ALb 83 (6)83

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One Response to 1983: Albania – West Germany 1-2 (0-0)

  1. arian says:

    When I write something here is always based up on my memories! I think it is a special think to remember things that happened in life, to turn back the head and see the past. Until I find these video two eeks before and those photos I used to live again the afternoon of 30 March 1983 based up on with my memorie. Of corse I remember everything so clear as it was just 5 minutes before. Certainly was the day who changed my lifin any sense!
    Almost one year before, I was on vacations with my family, near to the sea. It was a time of Espana ’82 and sure except the matches hours, all the rest was a football beach in our own. Not as today. Specially, during the sunsets, in oone improved goalpost from two pieces of wods, everybody walks by, used to shut the ball on me trying to score. But…I was slowly slowly inspired from Schumacher and always doing my best. Until all mans and old mans says to my father – Hay,the kid got talent! Try it!
    In one evening of that unforgeteable summer, I pray my dad to take with him to see the evening match, in one room who somebody got an black/white tv and with any kind of antena, could recieve the italian or yugoslavian tv.
    There were over than twenty people in that room! It was just a litle room not more than a 4/4 metres! Everybody was sitting up on a navy bads or up on the flor. The wiew on the screen was very bad.
    Tha was the way I lived the “Sevilla Night”!
    On that screen I see that football drama! I was may be from the day I was born a Holland fanatic fan but in that evening, Germany was my team as well and from that day still it is my tem (when they do not play against Holland).
    In that room, I cry first time , I leave my first football tears when I see Uli Schtiellike crying when Jean Luc Ettori saved him pealty shoot!
    First of all, I forget where I was finding my self and I live the match together with Harald “Tony” Schumacher! It was him and it was me on that foul on Batiston! Less…I never felt bad after this! if I could play that match today, I would do the same as Schumacher does 30 years before!
    In that night I find Schumacher inside me!
    I did entry a child in that room and after two dramatic hours, I came out as a man! I became a goalkeeper in my spirit! I did my first step begining from my soul!…

    One year after, i was find in stadium. There were so many mutch people than I couldn’t find a place to stay! So, I stayed under the knees of my dad! For almost two hours.
    It was a fantastic match! Albania played well too.
    Before match during excercises, somebody, passed the iron lines and goes on the field! Running, he goes to Karl heinz Rumenige each didn’t see him because was making an excercise turning his shoulders from the fans, where from this man come. This unknown man, goes to huge and to kiss Rumenige, as to excpres his frendshiep feelings, his admire. Rumenige was scared and pushed him a bit but…I guess this man was happy! he come back running to and before the police mans catched him, he could entry again in the stadium under the massive voices of masses who called to him giving courage ” Run man,run”!
    Dictature time! Over than an afternoon without sun and full of clouds, it was a life without colours, only a very dark color!
    The stadium was full of spies and the polices find that man and arrest him! It was a political problem not so easy as an security problem of any match. No body arrest until today Jimmy Jump for excample, but this man, on that time, has to be punished very mutch of corse! Karl Heinz Rumenige was only an …ennemy! A man from capitalism, enemy sistem and this albanian fan goes to hug him! That sistem, never give a f…k for a stars, axcep if stars were comunists! Sure, the cronist of a match and some old comunist too, excpressed more the name of Engels that day than Briegel or Rumenige name!
    included this story, the match, all that afternoon, being under the knees of my dad I was watching only my hero! “Tony” Schumacher! God brought him so near to me and I was found there only to see him!
    It was a Perlat Musta day, the albanian goalkeeper with saves that are not shown in this video but I remember how Schumacher move, call to defensors, his interventions, staying before penalty kick, listening his national hymn…
    I never seen him again live! Never see him again after U.E.F.A finale Real Madrid-Koln and Argentina-Germany!
    All I have are some his photos from internet during him football life.
    There were all the stars in field that afternoon, Rumenige,Muller,K.H. and B. Foerster,Litbarski but in the whole worldexcist only me and Schumacher!
    I promised, sure without to be really coscious where I was find, that I never leave that world without to meat him once in my life!
    P.S. – I really become a goalkeeper in my life. Not to carriera, the life got more serious problems but I played well in Tirana and used to play for eight sesouns in a Greece. My last match was an finale and I dressed a adidas uniforme, same as Schumacher used during lot of his matches.
    I still hope one day I will meat Schumacher!
    The world, konws so many nutch good galkeepers as a Scheichel,Dassayev,Kahn,BufoKasillas but from the day I didn’t see more harald “Tony” Schumacher, something dies from that football world!
    …and sorry for my english or orthographic mistakes. You know…the emotions!

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