1983: West Germany – Albania 2-1 (1-1)

Match 493.

European Championship qualifying.



Referee: Mattsson (Finland).

Spectators: 41.000

West Germany: Schumacher, B. Förster, Strack, Kh. Förster, Briegel (34.  Otten), Dremmler, Matthäus, N. Meier, Littbarski (68.  Waas), Völler, Kh. Rummenigge.

Albania: Musta, Ruci, Ragami, Omuri, Ahmetaj, Lame, Ballgjini, Vukatana (Ijka), Fiksarko

Minga, Tomori.

Goals: 0:1 Tomori (23.), 1:1 Kh. Rummenigge (24.), 2:1 Strack (80.).

Booked:Völler; Ahmetaj, Musta, Rragami.

Sent-off: Tomori (45.).

Left to right: Rummenigge, Schumacher, Strack, Briegel, Dremmler, Völler, Littbarski, B. Förster, K. Förster, Matthäus, Meier.


ALb 83 (8)

ALb 83 (3)

ALb 83 (1)

ALb 83 (7)



ALb 83 (4)ALb 83 (2)

ALb 83 (5)

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2 Responses to 1983: West Germany – Albania 2-1 (1-1)

  1. arian says:

    The First Big Drama!
    In fact, after 8-0 one year before, the dictatorial system in Tirana “didn’t” touch the players and it seems like a little miracle! It was a dictature, a propaganda time and between else the moto of socialist sport against it capitalist!
    We wnated to repair something!
    Musta as an young goalkeeper wanted his goalkeeper revenge in any way to! Five from eight goals, was in his goalpost during that 8-0!
    In fact, the albanian football was opening turning the page of one other chapter, the best of it history. Years eightees, still the brillant page of our modest football. Players like a Perlat Musta or Omuri and Minga, was colled in early age in national time but they were double Balcanian Champions and…in fact, Germany was “warning” one day before, being eliminated from Albania U21 in Saarbrycken 1-1! One year after, the Albanian National Team, was an young team and after 2-2 in Mielec against Poland and 2-0 in Tirana against Belgium, become the first candidate of grup to be qualifikied in Mexico ’86!
    In fact, it was not best moment of Germany and the finale of this was the elimination from Spain during the France ’84 Eurochampionship! Plying matches as against Algery,Austria,Italy during World Cup, against Ireland in the grup…The Germany was the best team in Europe but last two years, more it got a heart than a nice game! Germany knew to fight hard until in the end but not to be…a really Germany as almost the whole Albania did know and in that country has the bigerst number of suporters, doesn’t matter if it was a dictature time!

    It was considerated a succes in us and for the first time during the news on tv were transmetated the goals! For the first time, the match were transmised registrated the day after and it our first experience of watching the National team ou country! First time feeling the heart bit emotions and the adrenaline so high! Does matter if we knew the score one day before!

    Just to know! Perla Musta, except to be one fantastic keeper, was decared as an big fan of Germany! As we did know him in that time and get knowing him better, was incredible to thing that he could be beaten fron Gerd Strach head kick! Musta was a kind of goalkeeper excactly like a Petter Schmeichel and the doubt of permited Strach to scor in the end, remaine for ever!
    Until today,he never says “Yes” but he never says “No” too! Just to remember, if the game finished 1-1, Germany remains out of Euro ’84!

    What kind of feelings to see thos pictures from the past!
    Normally, I have to thank you for all that pages and not only for the part who speak about matches against Albania! Was an dream Team Germany, was the best football ever 1966-1990!

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