1984: West Germany – Italy 1-0 (0-0)

Left to right: Rummenigge, Schumacher, Briegel, Buchwald, K. Förster, Völler, B. Förster, Rolff, Allofs, Stielike, Brehme.

Match 498.

Fifa 80 Anniversary.




Referee: Coelho (Brazil).

Spectators: 26.700

West Germany: Schumacher (46. D. Burdenski), B. Förster, Stielike, Kh. Förster (46. Matthäus), Briegel, Buchwald (66. Bommer), Kh. Rummenigge, Rolff, Brehme, Völler, K. Allofs.

Italy: Bordon, Bergomi, Scirea, Vierchowod, Nela (70. Gentile), Bagni, Tardelli (71. Fanna), Baresi, Dossena, Conti, Altobelli (79. Giordano).

Goal: 1:0 Briegel (62.).

** Last match with the 1980 shirt. **

Derwall (11)

84 (4)


84 (3) 84 (2)


Guido Buchwald, German player.

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3 Responses to 1984: West Germany – Italy 1-0 (0-0)

  1. Alfredo says:

    do you have some more pictures of this game (1984 Germany-Italy)?

  2. impromptuinc says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t…

  3. giampa says:

    Hi, do you know who was in the bench for Italy and what number was Gentile (sub 70′)

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