1988: West Germany – Sweden 1-1 (1-0, 1-1) (2-4)


Match 540.

Four nations tournament semi-final.



Referee: Hartmann (Hungary).

Spectators: 25.000

West Germany: Immel, Herget, Th. Berthold (75. Reuter), Kohler, Buchwald, Frontzeck, Matthäus, Littbarski (75. Rolff), Thon, Völler, K. Allofs (46. Eckstein).

Sweden: Möller, R. Nilsson, Hysen, P. Larsson, Schiller, Thern, Prytz, Strömberg, Holmquist, Ekström (69. J. Nilsson), Gren (62. Truedsson, 83. Rehn).

Goals: 1:0 K. Allofs (42.), 1:1 Truedsson (74.).

Penalties: 0:1 Prytz, 1:1 Thon, 1:2 P. Larsson, 2:2 Eckstein, 2:3 Strömberg, 2:3 Matthäus (missed), 2:4 Thern, 2:4 Völler (halted by Möller).

** Last match of Klaus Allofs in the national team. **

** First match with the 1988 shirt. **

** The Federal Republic of Germany had been elected host country of the 1988 European Football Championship finals, but because of the ongoing division of Germany, the tournament organizers the DFB had decided against using West Berlin as a venue for any of the matches at the finals. This was a compromise taken at the insistence of the Soviet Union and the DDR. The DFB, led by Hermann Neuberger, accepted and thus West Germany secured the right to host the Championship. As compensation to West Berlin, whose Olympic Stadium would no longer be used at that tournament, a Four Nations Tournament was staged there over Easter 1988 (Wikipedia). **

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88 (4)

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