1989: West Germany – Wales 2-1 (1-1)

Match 556.

World Cup qualifying.




Referee: Vautrot (France).

Spectators: 60.000

West Germany: Illgner, Augenthaler (46. A. Reinhardt), Reuter, Buchwald, Brehme, Häßler, Dorfner, A. Möller (82. Bein), Littbarski, Klinsmann, Völler.

Wales: Southall, Maguire, Nicholas, Melville (79. Pascoe), Aizlewood, Phillips, Saunders, Blackmore, Bowen (64. Horne), Hughes, Allen.

Goals: 0:1 Allen (11.), 1:1 Völler (25.), 2:1 Häßler (48.).

** Southall halted a penalty to Littbarski at 77. **

** First match after the fall of the Berlin Wall. **

Left to right: Klinsmann, Möller, Dorfner, Hässler, Brehme, Reuter, Augenthaler, Buchwald, Völler, Illgner, Littbarski,

89 (2) 89 (3)




Bodo Illgner, German keeper.

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