1991: Germany – Luxembourg 4-0 (2-0)

Match 578.

European Championship qualifying.




Referee: Przesmycki (Poland).

Spectators: 26.000

Germany: Illgner, Binz, Reuter, Buchwald, Kohler, Brehme, A. Möller (70. Bein), Matthäus, Doll (46. Häßler), Riedle, Völler.

Luxembourg: van Rijswijck, Petry, Marcel Bossi, Wolf, Girres (82. Gerard Jeitz), Birsens, Theo Malget, Hellers, Carlo Weis, Groff (78. Holtz), Roby Langers.

Goals: 1:0 Matthäus (15., penalty), 2:0 Buchwald (44.), 3:0 Riedle (50.), 4:0 Häßler (62.).

** First match in Leverkusen. **

** Last match with the 1988 shirt. **

Above: Kohler,Illgner, Buchwald, Völler, Reuter. Below: Möller, Brehme, Binz, Riedle, Doll, Matthäus.




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