1993: Germany – England 2-1 (1-1)

Match 597.

US Cup.



Referee: Filippi Cavani (Uruguay)

Spectators: 62.126.

Germany: Illgner, Helmer, Buchwald, M. Schulz, Strunz, Effenberg (76. Zorc), Matthäus, A. Möller (63. M. Sammer), Ziege, Riedle, Klinsmann.

England: Martyn, Barrett, Pallister (55. Keown), Walker, Sinton, Platt, Clough (70. Wright), Ince, Sharpe (46. Winterburn), Merson, Barnes.

Goals: 1:0 Effenberg (26.), 1:1 Platt (31.), 2:1 Klinsmann (53.).

** Germany obtains the 1993 US Cup title. **

Above: Helmer, Ziege, Schulz, Buchwald, Effenberg, Illgner. Below: Klinsmann, Möller, Riedle, Strunz, Matthäus.





93 (2)

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