1993: Mexico – Germany 0-0

Match 603.


Mexico City.

Referee: Sawtell (Canada).

Spectators: 114.000

Mexico: Jorge Campos, Ambriz, Jorge Rodriguez, Ramirez Perales, Marcelino Bernal, Joaquin Del Olmo, Ramon Ramirez (80. Castaneda), Patino (46. Benjamin Galindo), Alberto Garcia Aspe, Luis Garcia, Alves Zague (46. Herrera).

Germany: Illgner, Matthäus, Kohler, M. Schulz, Strunz, Effenberg (78. Eilts), Gaudino (54. Häßler), M. Sammer, Ziege (64. Kuntz), A. Möller, Klinsmann (71. Kirsten).

Booked: Ramirez Perales; A. Möller, Kohler, M. Sammer, Klinsmann, Effenberg, Strunz.

** Last match with the 1992 shirt. **

Above: Illgner, Kohler, Schulz, Gaudino, Effenberg, Sammer. Below: Matthäus, Klinsmann, Möller, Strunz, Ziege.


93 (3)

Dieter Eilts, German player.

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