Stanislaus Kobierski

Stanislaus “Tau” Kobierski (15 November 1910 — 18 November 1972, aged 62) was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. He scored Germany’s first ever World Cup goal in the final stage, in the first round 5-2 win over Belgium.

  • Member of Germany’s squad for the 1934 FIFA World Cup (Fortuna Düsseldorf).
  • Matches played for Germany: 26 (1931-1941)
  • Goals: 9
  • Clubs:

SC Schwarz-Weiß 06 Düsseldorf

Fortuna Düsseldorf

  • Matches played for Germany in the FIFA World Cup: 4 (1 goal)

1934 World Cup qualifying: Luxembourg – Germany 1-9

1934 World Cup first round: Germany – Belgium 5-2 (1 goal)

1934 World Cup quarter-final: Germany – Sweden 2-1

1934 World Cup semi-final: Germany – Czechoslovakia 1-3

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