Reinhold Münzenberg

Reinhold Münzenberg (25 January 1909 – 25 June 1986 in Aachen, aged 77) was born in Waldheim.

Münzenberg was considered to be one of the best and most athletic German defensive players of the 1930s. He started his career as a center half, a role in which the physically strong Münzenberg excelled, being one of the best headers of the ball of his time. After Germany had played at Wembley against England in 1935, the English press praised ‘Steely’ Münzenberg for his combination of toughness and technical ability, claiming that he played more ‘English’ than the English themselves.

By 1936, Münzenberg had been converted from center half to left back, another role in which excelled. The full back pairing of Paul Janes and Münzenberg became one of the best of the late-1930s in Europe. After he retired from football, Münzenberg became an architect. He died in 1986 only hours after having watched the World Cup semi final in which West Germany beat France 2–0 (source: Wikipedia).

  • Member of Germany’s squad for the 1934 & 1938 FIFA World Cup (Alemannia Aachen).
  • Matches played for Germany: 41 (1930-1939)
  • Goals: 0 (1 owngoal).
  • Clubs:

1921                      Aachener Spielverein

1927–1938          Alemannia Aachen

1943                    SV Werder Bremen

1943–1944          LSV Hamburg

1946–1951          Alemannia Aachen

  • Matches played for Germany in the FIFA World Cup: 4

1934 World Cup third-place match: Germany – Austria 3-2

1938 World Cup qualifying: Finland – Germany 0-2

1938 World Cup qualifying: Germany – Estonia 4-1

1938 World Cup qualifying: Germany – Sweden 5-0

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