1934: Germany – Belgium 5-2 (1-2)

The first German squad in a World Cup game. From left to right: Haringer, Hohmann, Kress, Siffling, Zielinski, Schwartz, Conen, Kobierski, Janes, Lehner and Szepan.

Match 101.

World Cup First Round.




Referee: Mattea (Italy).

Spectators: 8.000

Germany: W. Kreß, Haringer, Schwartz, Janes, Szepan, Zielinski, Lehner, Hohmann, Conen, Siffling, Kobierski.

Belgium: Vandeweyer, Smellinckx, Joacim, Claessens, Welkenhuysen, Peeraer, Herremans, Grimmonprez, Capelle, Voorhoof, Devries.

Goals: 1:0 Kobierski (27.), 1:1 Voorhoof (32.), 1:2 Voorhoof (45.), 2:2 Siffling (48.), 3:2 Conen (66.), 4:2 Conen (69.), 5:2 Conen (85.).

** First World Cup match for Germany. **

** First victory in a World Cup match. **




The Belgian team.

1934 belgium


Conen (left) and Vandeweyer.


Conen scored three goals in the German debut.

The Belgian goalkeeper getting ready for action.


bel234 (3)

Only 8.000 people were present at Florenz.


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