1998: Germany – Luxembourg 7-0 (4-0)

Match 662.



Referee: Stuchlik (Austria).

Spectators: 25.000

Germany: Köpke (46. Lehmann), Thon (74. Reuter), Wörns, Kohler (46. Babbel), Heinrich, D. Hamann (46. Tarnat), Helmer (46. Matthäus), Ziege, A. Möller (60. Marschall), Klinsmann, Kirsten (46. Bierhoff).

Luxembourg: Felgen, Birsens, Laurent Deville, Vanek, Ferron (64. Holtz), Frank Deville, Saibene, Groff (76. Funck), Theis (90. Amodio), Cardoni, Braun (59. Thill).

Goals: 1:0 Kirsten (6.), 2:0 Klinsmann (15.), 3:0 Helmer (28.), 4:0 Kirsten (45.), 5:0 Bierhoff (56.), 6:0 Bierhoff (72.), 7:0 Ziege (84.).

Booked: D. Hamann.



Andreas Möller, German player.

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6 Responses to 1998: Germany – Luxembourg 7-0 (4-0)

  1. Hi

    Do you know why Germany use this ”sponsor” on this shirt?


    • impromptuinc says:

      Hi, Ricardo, what sponsor? There is a text on the shirt, but I cannot read it 😦

      • Actually, I thought it was a sponsorship, but are actually words, something like “Make children strong”

        I asked because I got the shirt of Hammann used in this game, I have a small collection and I use this site to get my doubts

        Thanks again, and great job

  2. impromptuinc says:

    That’s wonderful Ricardo! I think because this was a kind of charity match, the same as here https://impromptuinc.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/1996-germany-liechtenstein-9-1-4-0/ and here https://impromptuinc.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/2000-germany-liechtenstein-8-2-2-1/ so I guess the money collected from the game went to some children’s foundation.

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